Oberstdorf Worlds: Bookmaker Odds On Men’s Pursuit

FasterSkierFebruary 19, 2005

Source: Langrenn.com — Translated by Torbjorn Karlsen

Here is British oddsmaker Ladbrokes odds on Sunday’s’ men’s 15 + 15-kilometer pursuit race:

This is a very open race for Gold. Almost 20 skiers have the capacity to win. No one sticks out as a clear favorite and this puts many skiers around the same odds bracket. We believe despite this that Axel Teichmann from Germany will win. He showed in the 15-kilometer skate race on Thursday that he is in good shape. He finished the race very strong. Teichmann’s odds are 6.0 (a $1 bet will pay $6 if he wins).

We consider Kristen Skjeldal at odds 15.0 as an outsider to win. He has shown earlier this season that he should be counted on also in the pursuit.

There are no odds on North American skiers.

Odds on other skiers:

Valbusa 8, Angerer 9, Sommerfeldt 10, Cottrer 11, Sodergren, Vittoz 13, Di Centa 15, Filbrich 15, Skjeldal 15, Fredriksson 15, Estil 21, Verpalu, 26, Dementiev 26, Botvinow 26, Bajciack 34, Bjerke 67

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