Soldier Hollow Wasatch 10-K Skate Race

FasterSkierFebruary 11, 2005

The third race in the Wasatch, Utah citizen race series was held at the Soldier Hollow Olympic stadium on January 29.

Here are some photos from the event.

The conditions were nice, sunny and warm with temperatures around 40 Fahrenheit. It didn’t freeze overnight so the snow was “sloppy. The course was a “short” 5-kilometer loop that was skied twice.

Jason Travis was the fastest male skier while Team TorbjornSport/SOLDA skier Kelly Milligan won the women’s open division.

Sportsmanship award

Tav Streit (third overall) gets’s unofficial “best sportsmanship of the race award” for this incident:

Tav and Meiko Hoemke were skiing hard up the last steep, short hill about 600 meters from the finish line when Hoemke’s ski tip slid through the strap loop of a fallen ski pole, dropped by a skier they were lapping. It slid all the way into Hoemke’s binding, forcing him to stop. Tav could have used the opportunity to easily ski over the top and coasted to an easy win over Holmke. Instead he waited for Hoemke to untangle the pole from his ski, making them “start” together again.

Tav Streit then beat Holmke in a great sprint for third.

Tav’s comment when we asked him about the incident:

– I was really looking forward to sprinting with Meiko and saw no point in not waiting for him. We were 15 seconds or so behind the two guys in the lead and I wouldn’t catch them anyway.

For complete results:

For more photos go to Utah Nordic’s home page:


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