Wax Tips For This Weekend’s Races and SOLDA Wax Report

FasterSkierFebruary 1, 2005

Check this out if you are racing the upcoming Boulder Mountain Tour, Tug Hill, Birke, City of Lakes, Frisco Gold Rush, Great Race and other races.

Christina Paluselli of Italy won her second FIS Marathon World Cup race in a row, the Marcialonga, using SOLDA glide wax. Here is information on what wax combination she used, other wax reports and wax tips for a number of races around the country coming up this weekend the rest of the season.

Christina Paluselli of Italy won the Sunday’s Marcialonga 70-kilometer FIS Marathon by more than 3 minutes to second place and more than 23 minutes to third. The air temperature was roughly -11 Celsius and the snow temperature was -14 Celsius. The humidity was 67% and it was clear and sunny.
Paluselli used SOLDA HPO5 Powder heated in over a layer of SOLDA F-31 Blue. – The HPO5 was extremely durable and fast, great skis was her comment after the race.

Tentative Wax tips for the Boulder Mountain Tour, City of Lakes, Tug Hill, City of Lakes, Frisco Gold Rush and Other Races can now be viewed on TorbjornSport wax tips page www.torbjornsport.com/SOLDA/racewax.php
These recommendations will be updated frequently as we get closer and to start time.

www.TorbjornSport.com and click on the Wax Maestro www.torbjornsport.com/waxmaestro.html
Input local weather forecast such as temperature, snow type, humidity and sky conditions (overcast, sunny or other) and The Maestro will come up with the fastest SOLDA wax for the conditions.
The Maestro is highly intelligent — he uses years of research and wax testing information from SOLDA and TorbjornSport to make his recommendations.
The Maestro will even offer structure and application tips!

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