Canadian Nationals: The sugar turns to slop

FasterSkierMarch 3, 2005

This time the temperature did not even really drop below freezing at night. Racers arriving at the parking noticed quickly that small rivers were running through the mud, carrying important parts of the racing trails away with them. What was sugary and relatively fast the day before started to have that good old fashioned sucky and soopy feel to it that we all love. Out came the most expensive powders and the biggest and most manly rilling tools. The question of the day was whether rills would be good because of avoiding suction, or bad because they would pick up too much dirt. I don’t think a clear answer was established. Once again, various skis and poles did not return from the race course completely intact. Once again, the winners found a way to win.

In the open women’s 10 k free pursuit, Dasha Gaiazova extended her lead, eventually winning over Chandra Crawford and Tara Whitten, who raced and finished close together. Madeleine Williams and Christine Bisson ended up fourth and fifth.

Among the men, Ivan Babikov gradually pulled away from the field to win his second race in a row. Dan Roycroft held his second place from the day before, by about ten seconds over Brian McKeever and David Nighbor, who finished neck and neck for third and fourth places. Gord Jewett, who like Dan Roycroft is just back from the World Championships, had the third fastest time of the day to take fifth spot.

Racing resumes on Friday with classic sprints. For junior and complete open results go to:


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