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FasterSkierMarch 7, 2005

We are hoping to take to the next level, where it is a collaborative effort from a wide range of voices within the ski community from coast to coast. We'd love you to be a part of it.

In the past, FasterSkier has been produced mainly by Torbjorn Karlsen and Cory Smith. We write the articles, we take the pictures, we maintain the website, etc. The site has grown to a point where it is almost a full-time job for both of us, but without the pay of a full-time (or even part-time) job.

Our hope is that now that we can begin to diversify, by recruiting more people to help us produce the best cross-country skiing articles anywhere. We know that you love to ski as much as we do. We want you to share your experiences with the rest of us. That way our readers get a more diverse set of articles to read, and the site keeps humming along even if we get too busy with our real jobs now and then.

I should tell you up front that no one is going to get rich by writing for FasterSkier. We make very little money at FasterSkier. We keep the site running because we love skiing, not because we are making money. At this time, we can not afford to pay for articles, photos, or any other kind of contribution. If our advertising revenue continues to increase, we hope to be able to hire more staff and pay for quality submissions, but we aren’t there yet.

What we can't offer in money, we can make up for in exposure and experience. All of the articles that appear on FasterSkier are read by thousands of people. If you are looking to get an audience for your writing, there is no better place in cross country skiing than Many of our past contributors have said that writing for FasterSkier helped them land other writing gigs with magazines and newspapers.

We can also offer other 'payment' for your occasional articles, such as exposure for your sponsors, school, company, yourself, etc. We are happy to add your byline to your articles, such as Cory Smith skis for Atomic skis and Solda wax, and has his own website at

Or maybe you would like to contribute articles simply because you love to write and share your skiing experiences – we LOVE those contributions!


We simply don’t have the manpower at this time to cover every race or to write all the stories that we would like to share. We need your help! We aren’t picky, we love all submissions. We’ve found that nearly all of the articles that people have sent to us have been well received by our readers. Any topic is fine, as long as it relates to skiing or training or the outdoors in some way.

We encourage everyone to send us race reports from the races they participate in. You don’t have to be a race director to send race reports! In many cases, just a few sentences and a link to the results is all we need. Even if you just have photos – we LOVE photos.

Other ideas for article contributions: gear reviews, tales of particularly memorable workouts, training advice, anything remotely related to skiing! Some of our best articles are the ones that are most unlike the rest of the stuff we publish.

Please send all submissions to the email address listed on <the contact page. Word documents are fine, as is plain email text. Photos are also great (send jpegs if you can, as separate attachment — not embedded in the document).



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