Many of the Worlds best skiers are choosing PRO-SKI

FasterSkierMarch 10, 2005

Many of the Worlds best skiers are choosing PRO-SKI Rollerskis for their dryland training:

PRO-SKI Rollerskis Congratulates The Norwegian and Swedish Team And members of The Canadian Women’s Team with their success in Oberstdorf.

PRO-SKI Rollerskis continues to be the choice of many of the World’s most successful skiers. They are choosing PRO-SKIS rollerskis because of great ski feel, ideal speed and resistance as well as proven reliability.

There are many rollerski choices in today’s market and some are good while other are not specific to neither ski feel, resistance or speed. Don’t waste valuable training time on something that rolls way to fast, weight too much, are clumsy or doesn’t duplicate skiing well. Choose a brand that will give you the most value from your dryland training. The reason you rollerski is to develop endurance and technique so make sure that your rollerski will aide you in that.

Consider PRO-SKI Rollerskis, the official supplier of a number of today’s best skiers including the Norwegian and Swedish team as well as the Canadian women’s Team if you are looking to improve your skiing.

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