March Edition Of FasterSkier Club Newsletter

FasterSkierMarch 23, 2005

The March issue

This month we again include two articles:

1. Physical Training for your health and quality of life – a summary of the main “modern” concepts for endurance and strength training, also applied to all levels of athletes and active people. We borrowed this article from our friends at the University of Trondheim, Norway. Research professors Helgerud and Hoff are heavily involved in testing and training of high level athletes (including CC skiers, alpine skiers, soccer players and sport orienteerers), as well as fairly sedentary heart patients. The Norwegian National CC Women’s Team and several male top skiers are utilizing their services. We think that this article could be a great way of getting a good endurance and strength training discussion going.

2. Coaching of children and youth – another few pages based on the most current children youth coaching manual

US Ski Team coach Trond Nystad has been reading the in-depth articles in our monthly Club newsletter. We recently asked him if these articles were helpful to him and if he thought the information was useful to others in the ski community.

“I think the articles you guys provide in the Club Subscription Service are very interesting and of very high quality. I always look forward to receiving the newsletters as it keeps me and my staff up to date and exposed to a lot of new and old ideas. I am glad that you guys are doing this as it is a great service and pretty much the only way to get access to a wide variety of articles and topics from around the world. Every serious coach and racer should in my mind be reading the stuff you guys write. Lots of great information for parents as well.

“I'll be happy to contribute stuff after the season is over.”

Trond Nystad, US National Team Head coach

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