World Junior Championships Start On Sunday

FasterSkierMarch 18, 2005

The preparations for the JWSC in the final stretch in Rovaniemi

The Junior World Ski Championships are beginning Sunday and the preparations for the games are in the final stretch. Secretary General Heidi Lehikoinen says that many of the teams have sent inquires about the weather conditions in Rovaniemi. The weather is still colder comparing to previous years, but Lehikoinen says that there's no reason to worry.

– The snow situation and the weather conditions are perfect. I'm a bit suspicious about the frost in the morning, but I still believe that everything to turn out the best way possible, Lehikoinen says.

It looks like that the icy conditions are going to continue this week. But it'll get at least a bit warmer during the competition week, according to the organisers of the JWSC.

Some of the athletes have already arrived to Rovaniemi: the Cross Country team of Japan is preparing for the JWSC in Ounasvaara. The Finnish athletes are putting the final touches to their preparations elsewhere apart from a few exceptions. The Nordic Combined and the Cross Country teams will arrive to Rovaniemi Saturday, and the Finnish ski jumpers will come to town Sunday.

The 29th Junior World Ski Championships will be held in Rovaniemi on the 20-26th of March. The JWSC have been organised in Finland twice before, in Kuopio back in 1983 and in Vuokatti in 1992.

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MONDAY: Pursuit Races, Men & Women

WEDNESDAY: Sprints, Men & Women

FRIDAY: 5K Free Women, 10K Free Men

SATURDAY: Relays, Men & Women


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