Belmondo Named to The Italian National Team

FasterSkierApril 8, 2005

Italy is gearing up for the upcoming Olympics on their home course in Torino. The team did well at Worlds with gold and silver in the men’s 15-kilometer freestyle and “almost close to great” performances in the relays.

Stepping up another notch is important for Italy and naming 2002 Olympic gold medallist Stefania Belmondo to the team is obviously part of the gold medal plan for the women’s team.

Italy is planning to start the next season with the Olympics at home in Italy with the following team:

Pietro Piller Cottrer, Giorgio Di Centa, Fulvio Valbusa, Cristian Zorzi, Fabio Santus, Freddy Schwienbacher, Valerio Checchi, Thomas Moriggl, Roland Clara, Renato Pasini, Fabio Pasini

Gabriella Paruzzi, Stefania Belmondo, Sabina Valbusa, Antonella Confortola, Arianna Follis, Cristina Kelder


Translated by Meiko Hoemke on 04/06/2005 from


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