Braaten Wants Thomas Alsgaard As Part Of The Coaching Staff

FasterSkierApril 14, 2005 talked to Inge Braaten, the new Swedish men’s coach on Wednesday.

He wants Thomas Alsagaard as part of the coaching staff.

Inge Braaten confirmed that he has asked Thomas Alsgaard to be a part of the coaching staff. Alsgaard is Braaten’s neighbor right outside Oslo and won his first Olympic gold when Braaten was head coach at the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.

Alsgaard has been a technique and training consultant at training camps for the very successful Norwegian biathlon team. Braaten has similar ideas for Alsgaard engagement with the Swedish team if Alsgaard accepts the position.

Having had Braaten as my college teacher at the Sport College in Oslo I would not be surprised if Braaten pulls off other coups similar to the hiring of Alsgaard or makes some eye opening changes in order to bring the Swedish team back on track.

It was before the hiring of Braaten speculated in the Swedish press who would become new Swedish head coach, former top skier Gunde Svan was among the names named.

– I was surprised, but took it as a compliment when I was asked by the Swedish federation two weeks ago, said Braaten.

The Swedish ski federation is happy that they landed the former Norwegian success coach.

– He represents the experience and strong leadership we need after having worked with some of the Worlds best skiers, said chief of sport Anders Bergstrom and added:

– He has a lot to contribute with. Norway is a leading ski nation.

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