High Level At The Top In Norway: 16 Different Skiers Made The Podium This Season

FasterSkierApril 19, 2005

Source: Langrenn.com

Many Norwegian male and female elite skiers had a very good season. A total of sixteen different skiers made the podium in international races this season. Chief of sport says that the XC team needs another $250,000 in order to plan as they need for the Olympic season.

The Norwegian team met for season evaluation last week, and chief of sport Bjornar Hakensmoen is very satisfied with most of the performances.

– It’s no doubt that Worlds was good for both men and women. Our training, planning and support system is of high quality, and that’s comforting. We had sixteen skiers on the podium this season, and ten of them won once or more. We have a depth that no one else can currently match, says Hakensmoen

Several things still need improvement on both the men’s and women’s team.

– We still need to improve in skating and pursuit. We are too dependant upon a few skiers. We need to focus on that and individualize the program more, says the Norwegian cross country chief of sport.

Everything is not completely set and ready.

– We still need another 1.5 million kroner (approximately US $ 250,000) in order to have enough money for everything we need. We have to work incredibly hard to make that. I’m of the firm opinion that we should not select skiers for the national team unless we have enough money for everyone selected. We should not plan for more than we can afford. We need to re-evaluate the plan if we don’t get this additional funding. I believe we will succeed, but it’s a big challenge, says Hakensmoen.


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