Season finale in Iceland

FasterSkierApril 23, 2005

The skiing season is all but over, but there is still a chance to catch one last ski
marathon in Iceland. Every spring Icelandic cross-country skiers close their season
with the Fossavatn Ski Race in the town of Isafjordur, in the North-West corner of the
country. This is Iceland’s biggest “loppet” and this year it celebrates its 70th

The race will be held on Saturday, April 30, but the program starts the day before when
a local guide will ski parts of the trail with participants and explain the whole
course in details. In the evening, everyone is invited to a carbo-loading pasta

Skiers can choose between four distances, 50 km, 20 km, 10 km and 7 km, all skied with
the classic technique. In the 50 km and 20 km, there are four different age groups,
16-34, 35-49, 50-65, 66 and older. In the 10 km and 7 km there is one, open competition
for each gender. There is also a team competition where three skiers, racing over the
same distance, can form a team (regardless of age groups or gender). The combined time
of the individuals is the time of the team.

The program for the race is following:

Thursday April 28:
*10:00-17:00 РLate registration and race numbers handed out in N̼pur ltd.

Friday April 29:
*10:00-17:00 -Late registration and race numbers handed out in Núpur ltd.

*14:00 – Track inspection with a local guide. Parts of the course will be
inspected (on skis), and the whole track explained in detail.

*19:00-21:00- Pasta buffet in Skídheimar-Tungudalur

Saturday April 30:
The 56th. Fossavatn Ski Race.
Starting times:
50 km.: 11:00
7,10,20 km.: 12:00

*15:30-18:30- Prize ceremony and cake buffet

Registration fee:
Adults, 16 years and older: ISK 4000 (at current rate USD 64, EUR 49
Youth, 15 years and younger: ISK 2.500 (USD 40, EUR 30)

Included in registration fee: Pasta buffet, cake buffet, bus ride to pasta buffet and
track inspection on Friday, and to the race on Saturday, access to local swimmng pool
after the race.

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