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FasterSkierMay 3, 2005

Source: — Translated by Torbjorn Karlsen

Guro Strom Solli had a very good season. She was rewarded with a spot on the Norwegian national team a few days ago.

– It was incredibly exciting that I got a national team spot. I knew that I was going to get an offer, but didn’t know at which level, says Guro Strom Solli

A national team spot means a lot.

— It means that I can train with the best. I have up until now trained mostly alone. That will be a big difference. It also means a little financially, says the 21-year old. She emerged as rocket last season, and got to race every sprint World Cup race and the World Championship in Oberstdorf.

– It was a very special season. I got to race all the big races. It was hard to believe that it was true. I was a distant dream that came true, says Sollie.

Her best result was sixth place in Drammen.

— It was a season with up and downs. It feels a bit wasted when you travel to a World Cup weekend to race a sprint race and you don’t even advance from the prolog. That’s a downer, but it’s soon forgotten. I had more ups than downs, says Sollie.

She is using the spring to catch up on some school work.

– I’m not very good at studying when I’m at camps or at competitions. I have to pick it up now, since I have exams at the end of May, says Sollie.

Easier to justify being a skier when you have made the national team:

Ole Vigen Hattestad’s good season resulted in a national team spot. That was a good message for the sprinter. Hattestad was the big sprint surprise of the season and was among others number three in the Goteborg World Cup.

— I had a small hope about making the national team. But there are many good sprinters in Norway, and I knew that they had to expand the team if I was going to be included. That’s what they did, and it was a good message to get, says Hattestad.

A spot on the team means that he is now directing his focus toward the Torino Olympics.

— This means that I get to train with the Worlds best sprinters. I get a great camp schedule and my goal will be to become a candidate when they decide who will make the team and who get to race, says Hattestad.

Financially it’s important to be on the national team.

— I don’t know how much it means financially, but it’s now easier to justify being a cross country skier. I have up until now been supported by my parents and local sponsors, says Hattestad.

He has gradually started up his training again as well.

— I’m doing one workout per day and sometimes two. I took a short vacation in Denmark, but have mostly been home and relaxed. I have also tried to catch up on studies, says Hattestad.

Have been thinking about the Olympics for three years:

Jon Anders Gaustad has had the Olympics on his mind for three years. He was rewarded with a national team spot last week.

— I have had as a goal to fight for a spot on the Olympic team for the past three years. I have gotten closer and closer. I haven’t been thinking about medals, but a lot is accomplished if I make the team, says Gaustad.

– I’m very happy being named to the team. I will get the best possible camp and racing program. That opens up possibilities, says Gaustad.

He has already started the training toward the Olympic season.

— This has been my goal for three years and I’m on a roll. I have potential and it’s good to get going, says Jon Anders Gaustad.

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