How The Athletes Are Viewing The World Cup

FasterSkierMay 18, 2005


The International Skifederation (FIS) has asked the athletes what they would like the cross country World Cup to look like. Here are the answers.

41 athletes and team officials from 13 nations answered the survey that was conducted during the World Cup races in Norway and Sweden in March this season. 73 percent of those who answered are racers and 27 percent are team-officials (coaches and others).

They want to have more races at each location, due to the travel it takes to get there.

Many want at least the sprint prolog to be longer (around four minutes) and the courses to be harder in order to give the distance skiers a chance.

Sprint counts for too much in the overall World Cup. The distance skiers need to be able to scratch certain races like the sprinters can do now.

Some of those who responded want to get rid of the two-person sprint relay, while many feels that sprint has opened a door for new nations and skiers.

This is what FIS should do to improve the World Cup:
– Improve and increase the fight against doping.
– Keep both classic and skating.
– Increase the prize money.
– More races at fewer locations.
– Standardize the World Cup events.

This is what the athletes DON’T want FIS to do:
– Don’t reduce the number of participant in World Cup race.
– Don’t reduce the number of races that counts in the overall World Cup.
– Don’t make the season shorter (even if it’s long).
– Don’t standardize techniques to certain distances or eliminate any of the events.
– Don’t combine events with biathlon. They view the two sports as very different.

40 percent want the pursuit to be called Duathlon, while 26 percent prefers Pursuit, 18 percent Double pursuit and 15 percent Skiathlon.

The athletes and coaches were very satisfied with the World Championship in Oberstdorf, especially with how it was organized and the atmosphere. They felt on the other hand that schedule was too tight and want one (additional) off day. The athletes want the start time to be earlier (10 to 10.30). The 50-kilometer course was criticized for poor tracks and they don’t want mass-start next time the weather is like it was during the 50-K

Tour de ski
Interesting idea but poor plan.
Concerns includes:
– Not enough recovery time
– Too much traveling
– Too many World Cup points are handed out in a short period if this is done early in the season

Those who responded did not want the race where you ski as a team, they want equal competition time in skating and classic and reduce the total competition time and number of competitions.

The best place for Tour de Ski is Central Europe and FIS need to make sure that the best skiers participates.

A suggestion for a Tour of Scandinavia, when the final World Cup races are being held in Scandinavia didn’t get much support.

Many feel that the idea is too extreme with Vasaloppet on one hand and sprint on the other.


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