Sweden's Coach Braaten Wants Norwegian Wax Technician

FasterSkierMay 13, 2005

Source: Langrenn.com — Translated by Torbjorn Karlsen

Sweden’s new men’s head coach Norwegian Inge Braaten has tried to get a Norwegian wax technician with him across the border.

Braaten says that he has not given anyone a firm offer, but he confirms that he has a desire to bring a Norwegian wax technician to the Swedish national team.

– I have asked around, talked to people I know and found out who’s available on the market. But everything is so secretive in Norway. It’s a fear of loosing trade secrets to Sweden says a humored Braaten who met his team for the first time last weekend.

Braaten has among others talked to Per-Knut Aaland and Geir Tufto plus several successful wax technicians from the nineties, but doubts at the moment that he’ll get anyone to join him.

– Some of them are simply making too good money as carpenters, and it’s impossible to convince them to switch jobs. Sport jobs aren’t paid well enough, says Braaten

Three wax technicians quit in the Swedish team after last season and two new ones have been hired. Braaten would have liked to fill the last position with a Norwegian. He is counting on having the whole team in place within the first on-snow camp May 20.


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