Test Your Cross Country Skiing Knowledge: International Questions

FasterSkierJune 12, 2005

Fasterskier.com is entering its fifth season of providing the latest ski training and racing news. We are striving to post articles of interest to young and old, elite and recreational skiers. We are posting news, updates, profiles, results, training and racing information summer and winter. We posted more than 1500 articles last season and 50-60 monthly articles have become the norm even in the summer. You can find a ton of interesting stuff among our thousands of archive articles. Just scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on “more recent articles” — then select a year and the month.

With all that said, we want to now and then give you a chance to test you memory, recollection and knowledge from what you have acquired of “must know” from reading our articles.

We will therefore occasionally post 5-10 questions and you can see if you can answer without having to scroll down below the last question to find the answers. Most questions will be from stuff that has been mentioned in Fasterskier.com articles, but we will occasionally sneak in some “specials”. Enjoy and think before you look! This week’s questions are all related to International racing:

1. Where will the 2007 Nordic World Championship be held?
2. Male and female winners of the 2005 Swedish Vasaloppet?
3. Where will the 2010 Olympics be held?
4. Top three in the men’s 15-kilometer skate race at the 2005 Oberstdorf Worlds?
5. Norwegian Espen Harald Bjerke had a record breaking MaxVo2 test a few weeks ago. What was his milliliter/kg and liter volume result?
6. What is moose-hoofs and what is it used for?
7. Name the head coaches for the Italian and German teams?
8. Male and female winners of the 2005 Canadian Keskinada marathon?

Think — don’t look yet!

1. Sapporo, Japan
2: Svard And Lind Best In The Swedish Vasaloppet
Mon Mar 07, 2005 http://www.fasterskier.com/racing2068.html Oscar Svard of Sweden won the Swedish Vasaloppet on Sunday ahead of Martin Larsson also of Sweden. Norwegian Jorgen Aukland was third. Sofia Lind of Sweden won the women’s race ahead of Ulrika Persson, Sweden and Christina Paluselli of Italy.

3. Vancouver, Canada

4. 1 Pietro Piller Cottrer ITA; 2 Fulvio Valbusa ITA; 3 Tore Ruud Hofstad NOR

5. The measuring unit didn’t stop before Bjerke had reached a fantastic 96 milliliter/kg. The liter volume was an equally incredible 7.3-liter. http://www.fasterskier.com/training2294.html

6. Imitation of the diagonal skiing motion while running/ bounding with poles in uphills. It’s used for longer type intervals like 3 to 10 minutes.

7. Marco Albarello and Jochen Behle

8 Stanizlav Rezac won his sixth consecutive race at the
Keskinada. Last year he won the sprints, the 52km classic race, and
the 50km skate race. This year he did it again.
In the women's race, the victory went to Muriel Marin of France, by
about a minute and a half over hard charging Sheila Kealey of XC
Ottawa, among the top three once again.

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