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FasterSkierJuly 22, 2005

Every good road trip must have a partner in crime. Colby Frazier’s my usual Southwest mate. Since turning in his running shoes after graduating from the University of Utah, Colby’s been writing for the Salt Lake Tribune. In August he heads west to Sideways country to learn the winemaking ropes from Longoria Winery ( Could this be our last trip together to Southern Utah? I hope not.

First day out, and we’re racing the sun to get through Ding & Dang Canyon as night falls on the San Rafael Swell.

Below runs the Colorado, the patron of the Southwest. The Mississippi carries more history, the mighty Columbia might roll through the Northwest with ten times the water volume, but perhaps no other river’s flux and flow has sculpted corner of Americana as the muddy water of the Colorado has.

For fans of The Monkey Wrench Gang, this picture was taken from the bridge George Washington Heyduke had his eye on dyne-o-miting with his gang of preservationists.

It’s surprising how much vitality the Southwest contains. This little monster we spotted in White Canyon had a smooth, spotted, green and yellow skin unlike the other gray Gila Monsters we ran into.

I wake up on trip’s last day to a view of the Fremont River again and the town of Torrey, Utah in the distance. Before firing up the grill or heading back to Capitol Reef Colby and I head out for a run along winding red dirt roads. It’s the first time I could add “easy” together with “run with Colby (3:47 1500M)” in my training log.

Most towns that count population in the hundreds seem like good places to drive through along the way to more bustling communities. Not so with Torrey. It’s Utah’s undiscovered ruby. I’m keeping this one in the back of my mind for my later years. Thanks for reading along. See you out on the tracks come winter.

Torin Koos

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