Rollerski World Cup – Great Start For Russia

FasterSkierJuly 8, 2005

FIS Rollerski World Cup 2005
Cesis (Latvia) – 1st:3rd July 2005


press release of 4th July 2005

The first etape of the World Cup 2005 has already defined the Rollerski season: Russia is the team to compete with. In Cesis/Latvia, Rollerski Russian team, men and women, dominated 3 out of 4 senior races.

Yesterday’s pursuit race has seen the victory of Igor Glushkov/RUS in a final sprint with Alfio Di Gregorio/ITA, 2004 World Cup Champion. Third place for the 36 years old Andrei Kukrus/RUS after the Italian Michel Rainer. For which regards the women race the first two positions have been won by Elena Vedeneeva and Elena Rodina, leaving third the Italian Viviana Druidi.
In men Junior Category excellent and expected victory of the talented Muhammed Kizilarslan/TUR, who has dominated both pursuit races over Johan Andersson/SWE and Glauco Pizzuto/ITA. In women Junior Category success for Natalie Rissema/NL over Ana Kosuta/ITA and Gunes Esra/TUR.

Saturday in the Sprint race Igor Glushkov/RUS has competed much faster than the Italians David Bogatec and Julies Pession. I between women race Italy can finally interrupt Russian great results thanks to Mateja Bogatec/ITA who wins over the Russian Marina Firsova and Elena Vedeeneva. In men Junior Category the podium goes to Glauco Pizzuto/ITA, Muhammed Kizilarslan/TUR and Johan Andersson/SWE. The victory of the race in Women Junior category goes to Malin Persson at her first success, over Gunes Esra/RUS and Ana Kosuta/ITA.

Thank to a double success in Cesis, it is the Russian Igor Glushkov to lead so far the 2005 Rollerski World Cup with a full score (200 p.) over three Italians: Alfio Di Gregorio (116 p.), David Bogatec (94 p.) and Julies Pession (89 p.). Elena Vedeneeva/RUS leads the women 2005 Rollerski World Cup with 160 points over the Italian Mateja Bogatec (136 p.) and over two team mates Marina Firsova and Elena Rodina (both 130 p.), fifth position for the Italian Viviana Druidi (100 p.). In Junior category of 2005 Rollerski World Cup lead the ranking so far Muhammed Kizilarslan/TUR (180 p.) and Malin Persson and Natalie Rissema (both 145 p.).
Russia has certainly had more wins, but in the Nation ranking Italy is the leading country, so far, in the 2005 Rollerki World Cup. Pierluigi Papa’s national team leads the ranking with 1.072 p. over Russia with 863 p. and Sweden 577 p.

Next appointment for 2005 Rollerski World Cup in Villard de Lans, France, next weekend: Saturday 9th Julythe Sprint race and Sunday 10th July the mass start.

Please find herewith the Pursuit results, but the overall list available on:

Name 1st July 3rd July Result
1 Glushkov Igor RUS 00.00,0 48.04,2 48.04,2
2 Di Gregorio Alfio ITA 01.01,0 49.06,8 48.05,8
3 Kukrus Andrey RUS 00.49,0 50.11,6 49.22,6
4 Rainer Michel ITA 01.20,0 50.45,4 49.25,4
5 Zuev Anton RUS 01.08,0 50.45,7 49.37,7

Name 1st July 3rd July Result
1 Vedeneeva Elena RUS 00.00,0 34.53,2 34.53,2
2 Rodina Elena RUS 00.21,0 35.34,8 35.13,8
3 Druidi Viviana ITA 00.45,0 37.56,4 37.11,4
4 Firsova Marina RUS 01.27,0 38.42,0 37.15,0
5 Kislukhina Valentina RUS 01.25,0 38.46,0 37.21,0

FIS Sub-Committee for Rollerskiing
Carlo Brena
Media and PR Activity


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