Skiing Has Started In Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

FasterSkierJuly 16, 2005

In keeping with the slower pace of Argentine culture, the beginning of groomed nordic skiing in Tierra del Fuego is being announced nearly two weeks late [I was on vacation, away from email]. The grooming machine started work in the last days of June in the Valley of Tierra Mayor, near the alpine area of Cerro Castor, about 30 minutes drive outside the city of Ushuaia. Local skier Sebastian Menci stated in the first days of July that “the conditions are good, we’re doing some good skiing up in Tierra Mayor” but added that “the Jerman [the area just outside town] still needs a little more snow”.

Since these reports, conditions have been reported to have stabilized, not any significant new snow, but steadily cold temperatures have kept things where they are. Also, word is that Cerro Castor, the multi-million dollar downhill resort in Tierra Mayor, has bought a new nordic attachment for one of its Pisten Bully grooming machines in order to help groom the race-course for the August 21st Marchablanca race. However, this information remains to be confirmed in person by Matt Muir during his upcoming August visit. Says Muir, “one of the good and bad things about Tierra del Fuego is that it’s never really clear what’s going on until you’re there, and even then it can be mysterious”.

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