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FasterSkierAugust 2, 2005

The following interview took place with Andrea Henkel at her home in Oberhof, Germany. Rick Halling, Nordic Director for Atomic USA, conducted the interview over the phone. Andrea was a three time Gold Medalist at the Junior World Championships and she has become an internationally competitive senior on the German Biathlon Team. She won Gold Medals in the 15 km and the Relay at the 2002 Olympics and she continued her success into last year’s World Championships with Gold in the 15 km.

RH: You spend a lot of time on the Dachstein glacier. That’s pretty close to the Atomic factory. How do you select skis? Do you and your coach make the short drive to the factory? How do you pick skis when you are there?
AH: The team technician goes to the factory and he picks for us. He works with Roman Toferer and picks fast skis. I like the new RS:11. Very good, very good feel. It is super. Even better than the older design and that ski was so fast and stable. But I did go down to the factory for the Atomic 50th birthday party. That was a lot of fun.

RH: I see that Lars Berger of Norway plans on racing XC, probably just sprints. Are you interested in sprints or other XC events.?
AH: Oh no, I do not think so. I leave Cross Country to my sister. I stick to Biathlon. (ed. Note: Manuela Henkel is an Olympic Gold medalist in XC and a top veteran of the German XC Team).

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