Koos Uses Tactics To Win New Zealand Sprint

FasterSkierAugust 16, 2005

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New Zealand FIS sprint


Andy Newell USST
Torin Koos USST
Paul Murray AUS
Carl Swenson USST
Zack Simons Fischer


Torin Koos USST
Andy Newell USST
Erik Brandsdal NOR
Zack Simons Fischer

Torin Koos and Andy Newell distanced them selves from the rest of the sprinters early in the day by taking over 3 seconds out of third in the prelim. Newell won the prelim by less than a second over Koos. Australia’s Paul Murray, who has been top 30 on the world cup many times, took third a bit over three seconds behind Koos.

In the semi’s Carl Swenson and Paul Murray got squeezed into the B-final where Swenson uncorked a huge sprint on the biggest climb to build a lead that Paul could not erase.
In the final Koos took the lead from the start strategically placing himself in front for the narrow climb. Erik Brandsdal snuck into second ahead of Newell and Simons. Koos’ early pace on the climb was lethargic and served to bunch the other three racers. Predictably Koos attacked on the steepest section of the climb easily gaping Brandsdal and pulling away from Newell and Simons.
Once past Brandsdal Newell began the hunt, but the wily Koos was too quick and held him off at the line.

Today the team has a rest day. Last week several skiers trained over 25 hours with two hard sessions, specific strength and general strength and a rest day is in order. Next week we have planned three hard sessions, specific strength and two general strength sessions. But today it is the annual golf tournament that matters most. The first year the west coast team tied the east coast team… the next two years west coast (2-under playing best ball) schooled east coast (something over par playing best ball) and now it is the east’s chance to take revenge. There is little chance they will do that as they are nothing but trash-talking scallywags and have a tendency to choke in clutch situations.


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