New Zealand 15km Classical FIS race

FasterSkierAugust 15, 2005

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Kris Freeman is in shape. He won today's 15km by a large margin and looked fresh and strong doing it. Carl Swenson took second with Torin Koos finishing a very strong third.

The conditions were around 0c with a freezing mist in the air and fresh snow on the ground. The tracks were in good shape.


Kris Freeman		12:23	12:40	12:39	37:42
CarlSwenson		12:54	13:09	13:26	39:29
Torin Koos		12:57	13:18	13:30	39:45
Andrew Johnson	12:54	13:39	13:18	39:51
Andrew Newell				40:01
Leif Zimmermann				40:12
Chris Cook					40:15
Ben Koons 					41:38
Paul Murray 					41:40

Claudia Kuenzel			14:22	29:20
Morgan Arritolla			16:20	32:55

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