Swedish World Cup Skiers Need To Get Tougher

FasterSkierSeptember 28, 2005

Swedish head coach Inge Braaten wants sharper elbows and tougher race attitude from the Swedish national team skiers.

Source: Skidsport.com

Inge Braaten, what is the biggest difference between the Swedish and Norwegian skiers at elite level?

– That would be that the Swedish skiers are too careful and too nice. They have to learn that Norwegians are their worst competitors, and I will try to steer the development toward making the Swedes tougher in competitions.

So are we going to see more Swedish national team skiers with sharper elbows this winter?

– Absolutely, a little more roughness among the Swedes in races won’t hurt, haha (laughs).

Besides making the skiers tougher, what’s the biggest challenge with the Swedish team?

– First of all to make sure that the skiers are healthy and are in the best possible shape to perform well this winter. I will also try to help Per Elofsson come back to old heights. I won’t give up on him if we don’t succeed in that this season, but make sure that he is motivated to try again next season. Another challenge is to make sure that Emelie Ohrstig continues to be World Class, despite her illness.

What’s your training philosophy?

– Too get the best out of each skier. All the skiers are to me equally important. I’m also emphasizing the importance of good team spirit. The social aspect is at least as important as the training part.

Who do you think will be this years ski king?

– Without doubt Axel Teichman.


– Teichman is exceptionally talented with a fantastic movement pattern. He is a superstar and can be compared to Per Elofsson, Thomas Alsgaard ad Bjorn Daehlie.

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