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FasterSkierSeptember 15, 2005

Zack Simons

Age: 24
Profession: Ski Racer… Some design work, graphic and web… Fair amount of XBOX.
Ski Club/Team: Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation- Olympic Development Team
Hometown: Straight off the streets of Park City… Utah
Current Residence: the gems area- Ketchum, Idaho w/ roommate C. Cook
School: University of Utah (2005 1st Round Draft Picks- NBA and NFL)
Ride: 20AE VW GTI sitting on 19″ Oz Rims
Other Ride: 46″ Sector 9 Longboard (Skateboard)
Favorite XBox Game: Its gotta be Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Must Haves On The Road: iPod, my XBox or Cook's GameCube, my computer. Playing On iPod Right Now: Snoop Dogg and Bush, I'm stuck in the 90's right now.
Signature Move: The Swoop
Athletic Accomplishments:
• 2005 Overall Sprint Champion, Super Tour
• 1st in Super Tour Sprint, Madison 2005
• 3rd in US Nationals Sprint, 2005
• 2005 Madison SuperTour Sprint; 1st Place
• 2005 Minneapolis SuperTour Sprint; 2nd Place
• 2004 Europa Cup, Bad Gastein, AUT; 4th Place
• 2003 NCAA Championship; 1st Place-Team, University of Utah

What is the first thing you do in the pre-season?
This year it was bench press. I started lifting in mid-April. I hit the
bench press really hard and I haven't really stopped. Since the beginning of June I have been able to consider myself a man as I finally broke 200lbs (one rep max). I'm in a really heavy period of lifting right now and hoping to get up to 230lbs later this fall. Not sure if it will actually help my skiing… but I guess I am the streefighter, right?

Should we call you “Streetfighter?”
Its hard to say really. Park City and Sun Valley are pretty rough places. Even so, I haven't been doing too much fighting in too many streets…

Any advice for the kids of America?
Train your asses off. The best juniors in the world are training 700 hours are more. Hours are not everything but if you are comparing 450 to 700, they are. When I was a junior I was told hundreds of times about the dangers of overtraining and rarely was I told the huge amounts of training necessary to make it internationally. You have to put in the time. You have to push it. And you have to do it on a consistent basis. You can't take months off in the spring and you can't train 50 hours per month if you want to make it on the World Cup… and if you kids ever have any questions, feel free to ask… zacksimons AT hotmail DOT com.

Thanks Zack!
See you on the trails!

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