USST Coach Trond Nystad Talks About Interval And Strength Training

FasterSkierSeptember 12, 2005

Trond, the article on August 26 called: USST September and October
Training Camp Schedule showed a very interval and strength oriented approach.
Can you give readers an update on what type of interval progression you are using regarding number of sessions per week, interval length, type of intervals, lactates and if you are changing the approach from the summer to the fall.

Trond Nystad:

– The US Ski Team goes to Lake Placid on Monday to start a training camp where intensity training is the focal point. We have up till now for the most part done “traditional” ski training with about 80 hours per 4 week cycle. Volume has been high so we have only had 2-3 intensity sessions per week. The intensity so far has been a good variation between L3 (threshold intervals) and some L4 (VO2max intervals)

Our goal with the intensity block is to increase the capacity of the skiers. With capacity we mean both threshold (work economy/efficiency at threshold) and VO2Max capacity.


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