Looking For An Estil Hill In Torino

FasterSkierOctober 8, 2005

The 2005 50-kilometer classic World Champion, Frode Estil wants to race for gold in the 15-kilometer classic in the 2006 Torino Olympics. But he has not yet succeeded in finding a real “Estil hill” in the Pragelato courses.

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One of Estil’s greatest trademarks is his enormous acceleration and turnover in hills toward the end of a race. He used that to perfection at the end of the 50-kilometer race at the 2005 Oberstdorf Worlds and became the World Champion.

Estil has this to say about the 15-kilometer course in Pragelato (Torino):

– There is really no tailored Estil Hill in Pragelato, but I didn’t think there was one in Oberstdorf before we got there either. You can find an Estil hill where you least expect it, says Estil.

Estil will be on the starting line on February 17th in the only individual men’s classic race during the 2006 Olympics. He is one of Norway’s top medal hopes.

– The goal is to fight for gold. That can happen if everything works perfect. But both Axel Teichman (Germany) and Andrus Veerpalu (Estonia) can race incredibly fast in classic. I have to hope that they miss a little on their peak that day, says Estil.

His training preparations have gone very well so far and he just returned from altitude training with the national team in Italy.

– Everything has worked well. I have stayed healthy and done exactly what I was supposed to. The altitude camp was great. We were lucky with both weather and ski conditions and got in some good workouts, says Estil.


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