More Details From The Swedish Sprint Opener

FasterSkierOctober 19, 2005

More Details From The Swedish Sprint Opener

Some excerpts from a Swedish season opener article by Unni Odegard.

Source: — by Unni Odegard

Lina Andersson and Bjorn Lind won the Swedish season sprintpremiere. Norwegian Tommy Aasen surprised the Swedes and did well almost without any ski training.

The season premier is over. At least for most Swedish skiers. The premier is always a little extra exciting. The nice weather in Mora “warmed up the atmosphere” and helped making the first real race of the season a great event.

The skiers looked like they enjoyed both the sun and the fact that the season had finally started. The results showed that it will be many of the same names that will dominate this year as last season.

The loop that was used was 600-meter long. Lina Andersson was four (!) seconds ahead of Anna Dahlberg and first years senior Ingrid Vikman in the prolog. Vikman fell in the first qualification heat and ended up at the hospital.

Fredrik Bystrom had the fastest prolog time in the men’s race ahead of Bjorn Lind and last years second place finisher in the Swedish Vasaloppet (!) Martin Larsson. Norwegian skier Tommy Aasen had the 7th fastest time in his second time on snow this fall.

The winner, Lina Andersson, explained that her training has gone according to the plan this fall without injuries or sickness. She was a little “nervous” ahead of the premier and happy to get it over with.

Bjorn Lind accelerated and got a gap up the last hill in the men’s sprint finale. He felt that his body responded perfectly and hoped for the same feeling next weekend in Düsseldorf.
1) Lina Andersson, Piteå, 2) Anna Dahlberg, Åsarna, 3) Anna-Karin Strömstedt, Vansbro, Ida Ingemarsdotter, Åsarna, 5) Marlene Gröön,
Hägglunds, 6) Sofia Bleckur, Mora, 7) Susanne Nyström, Piteå, 8) Xu Yinghui, Kina

1) Björn Lind, Hudiksvall, Peter Larsson, do, 3) Thobias Fredriksson, Östersund, 4) Fredrik Byström, Husum, 5) Mikael Östberg, Falun Borlänge, 6) Tommy Aasen, Norge, 7) Fredrik Östberg, Falun Borlänge, 8) Petter Myhlback,

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