Snow Makes An Appearance Up North

FasterSkierOctober 5, 2005

The signs of winter are appearing way up north, and some people have been skiing already.

Today we published an article from Fairbanks, Alaska that showed snow on the ground.

We also received this email from Thomsen D'Hont, who is a 2nd year junior boy from Yellowknife, NT, Canada:

I just read how you're interested in new pictures, so here are a few from the past week. Like last year, I have been out skiing around the end of september. The snow is gone now, but I had my chance to go out skiing on dirt parking lots, and on the streets. We are always on snow on our trails by the end of October, and sometimes earlier and our ski season often extends into May and sometimes June if you can find a way to get onto the ice on surrounding lakes.

Here are 2 pics from Sept. 28.


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