Current And Former World Cup Skiers HOT Predictions For The World Cup Opener!

FasterSkierNovember 18, 2005

See Oddvar Bra, Petter Northug, Frode Estil and other skistars podium predictions for Saturday’s World Cup opener at Beitostolen, Norway

Source: Skidsport/Glid.

All six of the high profile ski personalities that “voted” had Marit Bjorgen as the winner of the women’s race. Axel Teichman was the hottest candidate in the men’s race.
Here is their predictions:

Petter Northug (19) – Norway’s future hope. German sweep in the men’s race

1. Marit Björgen

2 Katarina Neumannova
3. Kristina Smigun

1. Axel Teichmann
2. Jens Filbrich
3. Tobias Angerer

Oddvar Brå, Norway, skid legend:
1. Marit Björgen
2. Katarina Neumannova
3. Claudia Kunzel

1. Axel Teichman
2. Mathias Fredriksson
3 Frode Estil

Frode Estil, Norway, Olympic and World Champion:
1. Marit Björgen
2. Virpi Kuitinen
3. Kristina Smigun

1. Odd Björn Hjelmeseth
2. Frode Estil.
3. Axel Teichman

Mats Larsson, Sweden:
1, Marit Björgen
2. Katarina Neumannova
3. Kristina Smigun

1. Vassili Rotchev
2. Odd-Björn Hjelmeseth
3. Axel Teichmann

Vibeke Skofterud, Norway:
1.Marit Björgen
2. Virpi Kuitinen
3. Aino Kaisa Saarinen

1. Axel Teichman
2. Vassili Rotchev
3. Odd-Björn Hjelmeseth

Anders Södergren, Sweden:
1. Marit Björgen
2. Kristina Smigun
3. Katarina Neumannova

1. Axel Teichman
2. Frode Estil
3. Andrus Veerpalu


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