Fredriksson’s Wax Technician Quits

FasterSkierNovember 9, 2005

Mathias Fredriksson and Emelie Ohrstig’s new wax technician Geir Tufto quits his engagement with the Swedish ski federation.


Norwegian Geir Tufto was the head wax technician for the Norwegian ski federation until he quit following a conflict with chief of sport Bjornar Hakensmoen after the 2002 Olympics.

Geir Tufto used to among others wax Bente Skari's skis when he worked for the Norwegian team.

Tufto was hired by the new head coach Inge Braten this summer and was supposed to be responsible for Mathias Fredriksson and Emelie Ohrstig’s skis.

Tufto is a carpenter and is citing the recent building boom in his hometown of Geilo, Norway as the reason for jumping ship.

– It’s so much construction going on that I simply don’t have time to wax skis, says Tufto.


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