Muehlegg: Not My Fault That Elofsson Is Retiring

FasterSkierNovember 1, 2005

Source: Skidsport/Glid

Per Elofsson confirmed last week that he is retiring from cross country skiing. Johan Muhlegg, the superdoper from the 2002 Olympics claimed the following day that it’s not his fault that Elofsson is quitting.

The 30-kilometer at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City became the start of the end for Per Elofsson. Johann Muehlegg pushed the paced from the very start of the race and Elofsson tried desperately to hang on. He wasn’t able to do that and instead hit the “wall” and has after that never recovered. It was later discovered that Johann Muehlegg was doped and he was stripped of all his medals.

Muehlegg has avoided commenting on Elofsson’s situation for three years, but did an interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen the day after Elofsson announced his retirement. He denies in this (interview) that he is the reason that Elofsson is quitting skiing.

“It wouldn’t have mattered who had won the 30-kilometer. This would have happened to Per regardless,” says Johann Muehlegg.

When questioned how he feels about Elofsson’s retirement, Muehlegg is saying that he feels sad about it. He is considering it a big loss for the skisport.

“Per was a very good skier. And he is still relatively young. Per was maybe the biggest talent of everyone and he was a nice person. I don’t know why he is retiring, but say hi from me and tell him that I think it’s sad,” said Johann Muehlegg to Expressen


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