No FIS Races This Weekend, But Anchorage Might Still Have A Race

FasterSkierNovember 9, 2005

This weekend's FIS SuperTour races in Anchorage, Alaska will not happen due to lack of snow.

According to a message from Matt Pauli, Chief of Competition, on the offical race hotline at 10:30 AM on Wednesday, the FIS SuperTour events scheduled for this weekend in Anchorage have been cancelled. The events can't be held as an FIS-legal event the Anchorage area due to lack of snow. Many options were examined for holding the event, but Mother Nature just didn't cooperate in time. There is no significant snow in the Anchorage forecast.

The message also said that it is unlikely that the races will be moved to Fairbanks.

Event organizers are still examining the possiblity of having some type of race this weekend, though it would not be FIS sanctioned. The option of having a regional, non-FIS race in the Anchorage vicinity remains open at this time.

Current information can be obtained by dialing the NSAA hotline at 907-248-6667 then racing option 6.



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