SOLDA Wax Now In Stock

FasterSkierNovember 4, 2005

Looking for the most interesting new waxes and to have the fastest skis at the lowest cost? SOLDA has easy to use spray and “Cray-on” racing and training waxes as well as traditional powder and “drip-on and heat in with an iron” waxes. SOLDA Glidewax was used by the top three men and top two women at the 2005 American Birkie. The 2005-2006 SOLDA line is now in stock at
Some very interesting SOLDA news:
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F-40 Top race

Afraid of burning you base when applying fluorocarbons?
SOLDA HPO5 and Warm Fluor Spray waxes are the answer!

Economy bulk waxes, low and high fluor waxes, cold weather waxes, ski-prep waxes, scrapers and brushes. Make it simple choose SOLDA!

Need wax recommendations?
You can always ask SOLDA’s unique Wax Maestro 24/7. You’ll know in a few seconds which SOLDA wax to use for your race. Look him up at

November volume discount: Receive 10% discount on wax orders over $200
(Can not be combined with package deals)