Stacked Field Ready To Attack Fairbanks SuperTour Sprint

FasterSkierNovember 5, 2005

The U.S. national race circuit kicks off Saturday in Fairbanks, AK with the opening SuperTour freestyle sprint. Both the women's and men's fields are stacked with a long list of heavy-hitters, promising some very exciting heats.

Here are the top 20 seeded men and women (ranked according to sprint points only) who are signed up to race. (For the full list, which includes many more “big names”, click on the following link: )


1. Andrew Newell
2. Torin Koos
3. Lars Flora
4. Chris Cook
5. Chad Giese
6. Zack Simons
7. Steve Scott
8. Leif Zimmerman
9. Drew Goldsack
10. Colin Rodgers
11. Kevin Hochtl
12. Andrew Johnson
13. Anders Haugen
14. Colin Mahood
15. Kris Freeman
16. David Stewart
17. Tom Keefe
18. Christopher Jeffries
19. Tim Woodbury
20. Rob Whitney


1. Beckie Scott
2. Wendy Wagner
3. Kikkan Randall
4. Rebecca Dussault
5. Karin Camenisch
6. Kate Whitcomb
7. Hillary Patzer
8. Brooke Hovey
9. Aubrey Smith
10. Ida Sargent
11. Anna Mcloon
12. Caitlin Compton
13. Allison Crocker
14. Kate Pearson
15. Carolyn Treacy
16. Abigail Larson
17. Shayla Swanson
18. Liz Stephen
19. Kelsey Coolidge
20. Ky Eiben

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