Sundby and Northug Fastest in Norwegian Men’s Team Rollerski Time-Trials

FasterSkierNovember 16, 2005

Martin Sundby (21) beat all the skiers on the Norwegian men’s team in Saturday’s classic rollerski time-trial and junior skier Petter Northug jr did the same in Sunday’s skate rollerski time-trial.


Saturday’s classic race was dominated by the skiers from the long-distance team which captured the top three spots. Anders Aukland and Kristen Skjeldal were sick with colds and did not race.

See article with photo in Norwegian paper
The article talks in summary about the coach’s desire to keep his skiers healthy and ready for next weekend’s World Cup opener at Beitostolen. He doesn’t want a repeat of last year where Aukland struggled with illness for most of the season.

Editor’s note: Matin Sundby (and possibly other skiers) used a rollerski brand that is known to roll faster than the brand typically used by the Norwegian men’s team.

Northug beat everyone

Junior skier Petter Northug continues to impress. He beat Frode Estil by almost a minute in a skate rollerski time-trial last weekend and proved that this was no coincidence by winning Sunday’s 10-kilometer national team skate rollerski time-trial by 24 seconds to second place finisher Jens Arne Svartedal.
The junior national team coach doesn’t want to put too much emphasis on rollerski time-trial results, but admits that it’s a long time since Norway has had a junior skier that was this talented and promising.

Results from Saturday’s uphill classic race:

1)Martin Sundby, Rœa 30.50
2) Jœrgen Aukland, Oseberg, 30.58,
3) HÃ¥vard Skorstad, Rustad 30.58,
3)Tor Arne Hetland, Byåsen 31.05,
5) Eldar Rœnning, Skogn 31.23,
6) Simen Østensen, Fossum 31,39,
7) Petter Northug jr, Strindheim 31.47,
8) Lars Hœgnes, Ringkollen 31.50,
9) Odd-Bjœrn Hjelmeset, Fjellhug/Vereide 31.53,
10) Anders Glœrsen, Rustad 32.02,
10) Jens Arne Svartedal, Trœsken 32.02,
12) Espen Harald Bjerke, Lillehammer 32.04,
13) Kristian Horntvedt, Stokke 32.09,
14) Frode Estil, Lierne 32.10,
15) John Anders Gaustad, Hamar 32.34,
16) Jan Egil Andresen, Hamar 32.50,
17) Bœrre Næss, Eftelœt 33.11,
18) Trond Iversen, Mjœndalen 33.48,
19) Hallvard Nydal, Asker skiklubb 33.50,
20) Tore Ruud Hofstad, Lillehammer 34.23.

Results from the skate rollerski time-trial:
1. Petter Northug jr. 24.49
2. Jens Arne Svartedal 25.13
3. Simen Østensen 25.21
4. Frode Estil 25.28
5. Tore Ruud Hofstad 25.32
6. Hallvard Nydal 25.33
7. Jan Egil Andresen 25.36
8. Odd-Bjœrn Hjelmeset 25.44
9. Lars Hœgnes 25.46
10. Kristian Horntvedt 25.52
11. Espen Harald Bjerke 26.00
12. John Anders Gaustad 26.07


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