Sweden’s Team For The World Cup Opener

FasterSkierNovember 17, 2005

The Swedish team for the Beitostolen regular World Cup opener next weekend, October 19-20 is ready.

There is not much snow in Norway at the moment, but the organizers at Beitostolen is getting help from the local alpine areas to produce snow for the World Cup opener. Sweden has selected these skiers:

Source: Skidsport.com/Glid

Lina Andersson, Piteå Elit
Anna Dahlberg, Ã…sarna IK
Elin Ek, IFK Mora SK
Maria Rydqvist, Östersunds SK
Emelie Öhrstig, Piteå Elit

Jörgen Brink, IFK Umeå
Mathias Fredriksson, Östersunds SK
Mats Larsson, Ã…sarna IK
Johan Olsson, Ã…sarna IK
Anders Södergren, Östersunds SK


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