NewsAll-round Bulk Glide Waxes For All Conditions

FasterSkierDecember 2, 2005

These SOLDA bulk waxes are the most economical way to have fast skis and to keep your ski bases in great shape. Works great for training, travel waxing, saturating bases, and cleaning dirty skis.

NEW! SOLDA Techno Green
Only $20.00
High quality wide range hydrocarbon training and ski prep wax
Snow temp, -10 to -20 Celsius
Air temp. -6 to -24 Celsius
# 0818X Large 500 gram block

NEW! SOLDA Performance Red World Cup
High quality fluor bulk wax. Ideal for training and as base for SOLDA F-15 and F-31 waxes.
R.H 40 to 80%.
Snow temp. -3 to -10 Celsius.
Air temp. +1 to -14 Celsius.
#0821X Large 250 gram block

SOLDA UF7 Universal

SOLDA UF7 Large Economy Bar
Large 250 gram block – Better Value.

Available from TorbjornSport
Park City, Utah

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