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FasterSkierDecember 6, 2005

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Here are some post-race comments from some of the top finishers in last weekend's Yellowstone SuperTour races: Wendy Wagner, Torin Koos, and Justin Freeman tell what it was like up at the front, and look ahead to the December World Cups.

Wendy keeps up with Alison Crocker in the Semifinal

How was the final?

– It was tough, I had a different tactic. I just tried to be in the lead at the bottom of the hill, and then I just went as hard as I could go for the rest of the race. My goal was to out-ski the field, not get lucky. That happened so I’m really pleased.

How are you feeling for tomorrow?

– Good…I’m pumped and a little bit tired but sometimes that helps you feel better the next day. I think it’ll go really well tomorrow.

Great. And where are you headed after this, back home?

– To Colorado for a week and then to the World Cup in Canada.

Good luck, thanks a lot!

The “roller derby” dash for the line, Men's Final

So are you racing tomorrow as well?

– I’ll be racing tomorrow, yep. Guess we’ll see how it has to go…it should be alright. My last distance race wasn’t too stellar, so [laughs]…so I’ve got that to build upon!

Are you encouraged by [sprint specialist] Tor Arne Hetland winning that [Beitostolen 15km] World Cup?

– Four of the top six guys in the last world cup were sprinters—pure sprinter–so I mean it can happen. I’m fit enough to do well in the distance races, it’s just am I not too tired.

What’s the plan after this camp here?

– Right after the race tomorrow, we’ll fly out Sunday morning and get ready for the World Cups up there. So [we’ll] back off the training a little bit…at least Newell and I have been keeping the volume up so we want to be good, everywhere. I think we’re going to back off and do a little more speed in the next week or two—try to get a little bit more in race shape.

Do you have any specific goals for the World Cup?

– Obviously I want to score points and get in the rounds, you want to mix it up with those guys, so that’s the number 1 goal.

Well good luck, thanks so much!

– Thanks for the interview!

JUSTIN FREEMAN (Winner of the 12km classic race, right after the awards ceremony where the U.S. Team was announced for the December World Cups in Canada.)

Justin Winning the 12km Classic in Yellowstone by 19 seconds

Was it tough with the soft track today?

– The track stood up remarkably well. It was soft, and it was tricky because you couldn’t get out of the track and get kick, the snow was just way too soft. But the course itself held up really well, it was just deep powder.

How was your training this year, were you mostly by yourself?

– Yeah. I’m in Park City, I’ve had a little help from the [U.S.] Ski Team with technique. They let me use the strength facility and give me some help with that; one of the guys there is helping me with my lower body strength preparation. So they’ve been helpful. But I’ve probably designed 90% of my own training. I worked a little with Zach Caldwell in Vermont—mostly by phone, I saw him one or two times this summer—and bounced ideas off him. He’s great because for most things he says “yeah that’s a good idea”, and once in awhile he says no, so it’s a good system for me.

Were you focusing on any area in particular to get ready for these Olympics as far as your off-season training?

– I’ve really gone back to what worked for me 3 years ago for the World Championships, when I won this race and had some other good results. I put 103 hours in in a four-week period in August and September, then took some time easy, and then did four and a half weeks of three pretty hard intensity sessions a week, then I went over to Fairbanks. At this point I’m just listening to my body, and I’m feeling fast and feeling strong. I’ll probably just go back to Park City, do some volume, up to Silver Star, keep doing volume, maybe two mellow interval workouts and one hard interval workout before the World Cup and take it from there.

Great. Do you have a specific goal for those World Cups?

– It’s hard to say, I don’t know how big the field is going to be. Certainly at a minimum I want to get a top-30 in one of those races. I think that that’s a really realistic goal. If I get top-30 in the first race, I’m gonna be going for top-20 in the second, or more. But it’s a little hard to say just yet where I am.

Well good luck and thanks a lot for talking.

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