Editorial: Way To Go North America!

FasterSkierDecember 15, 2005

Last weekend we saw the first ever North American World Cup win since Pierre Harvey won in 1987. It was also the first time ever two North Americans were on the podium together in the same race. It was also the first time ever a North American captured first and second place during the same weekend’s World Cup event. In addition to Beckie Scott and Sara Renner’s podiums, Sandra Crawford was 10th in the sprint. In the men’s sprint Canadian skier Phil Widmer had the fourth fastest prolog time and American skiers Newell, Cook and Koos placed 11, 12 and 14. What a weekend!

What happened to readers comments?
FasterSkier.com had daily reports from these events, but for some reason no one posted ‘way to go, great, keep it going, yahoo” or other excited comments in the comment area below the articles. For that reason we want to let you know that it’s LEGAL to post POSITIVE comments!

So readers – don’t only comment when you disagree with a statement or comment, or didn’t like an article or life in general sucks.

Use this forum to cheer on our skiers. These skiers work hard to succeed. Training and racing 360 days a year is what World Cup skiing is about. We saw some success, join in and be excited!


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