FIS VIESSMANN World Cup Cross-Country in Nove Mesto

FasterSkierDecember 31, 2005

FIS VIESSMANN World Cup Cross-Country in Nove Mesto na Morave (Czech Republic), Sprint , 30.12.2005
Lind and Sidko won in Nove Mesto

Bjoern Lind (Sweden) and the 26-year old Alena Sidko (Russia) are the winners of the free style World Cup Sprint in Nove Mesto na Morave . For both it was the first World Cup victory. Alena Sidko finished the 1200 meter course shortly ahead of Anna Dahlberg from Sweden. The third place took the German Claudia Kuenzel. The woman's World Cup leader Marit Bjoergen from Norway didn't take part in today's race due to health concerns.

The sprinter Bjoern Lind didn't give a chance to his competitors. He won shortly ahead his team mate Peter Larsson and the third place went to the 22-year-old Johan Kjoelstad from Norway. The World Cup leader Tobias Angerer (Germany) took the 22nd place in today's race. Today's men race were a great victory for Sweden, four Swedish athletes were under the top five.

Spectators: 6.500

Weather: cloudy; -7°C

Snow Conditions: packed powder

Quotes of the top three athletes:


Alena Sidko: “I definitely did not count with victory. Even if the main favourite, Marit Bjoergen, was not present, there were so many competitors who stood a good chance in Nové Město. I did not include myself in this group. My tactics was to be as quick as possible in the qualification in order to ensure the most advantageous ceded position. I also wanted to reach the best place possible in each race, which I successfully did. I did not mind the cold weather, I am used to it not only from the sprint racing but also from practising.“

Anna Dahlberg: “Alena Sidko had no competition today, she performed her best and won justly. It was tough, especially the finals, that’s why I am very happy about being successful in reaching for the second place. I tried to keep my position before Claudia Kuenzel in the final line.”

Claudia Kuenzel: “The sprint track was very difficult. I tried to exploit my strenth usefully. I take the third place in Nové Město to be a very good result. Normally I have problems with cold weather conditions during a race. I was surprised that this was not the case today. I felt very good during the whole competition.”


Bjoern Lind: “It is my first World Cup victory and I am really happy about this result. I was relying on the qualification, however, I was pleasantly surprised at the quickest time. I was quite at my ease today, I was successful in keeping the most advantageous position in the final line.“

Peter Larsson: “I surprised myself with the second position. The track in Nové Město was as usual very well groomed. Even if it was cold, the line was well prepared.“

Johan Kjoelstad: “I was in a difficult position, competing with three Swedes in the finals so I am really content with the third place. A strong headwind was taking my forces during the race. I did my best every run, the sprint was one of those that can be labelled as very difficult.“



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