How Close Can It Be?

FasterSkierDecember 12, 2005

Here is the photo-finish picture of Sara Renner and Hilde Pedersen's tie in the Sprint semi-final event at the Sovereign Lake World Cup (both skiers advanced to the A-Final).

The photo-finish camera takes 1100 pictures per second(!). As you can tell from teh distortion in the picture, this is not a normal snapshot. The camera only photographs the finish line, making for a very thin sliver exposure. These tiny silvers are appended to each other to create the image shown, which depicts everything as it crossed the finish line (to show elapsed time). This is why poles and skis appear distorted and the snow appears red (its really just a red line on the snow). This photo shows that the two skiers are equal to 1/1000 second.

The only other time this has happened in recent history is in the 2002 Olympic Men's pursuit race (tie for Gold between Alsgaard and Estil).

Photo sent by John Aalberg.


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