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FasterSkierJanuary 1, 2006

Welcome to FasterSkier.com!

FasterSkier.com is run by Topher Sabot, Matthew Voisin, and Hunter Greene. To get in touch, please visit the Contact Us page.

We purchased FasterSkier.com from Cory Smith and Torbjorn Karlsen in the summer of 2007. Cory and Torbjorn started the site because they saw a need for an informative resource for cross country racers, run by cross country racers. Our goal is to continue to provide high quality Nordic news and information and to grow FasterSkier into a vibrant community resource. Here is a sampling of what sets us apart.

Quality Articles
We offer high quality training articles and other information to ambitious skiers and coaches. We present straight-forward training and technique articles by knowledgeable experts. Sometimes just the basics, other times it will be something cutting-edge or controversial. But it will always be interesting.

Diverse Articles
We are all cross-country skiers. But within the sport, there are a lot of specific interests: World Cup races, ski adventures, training plans, rollerskiing, local races, etc., etc. We cover all aspects of the sport because we know our readers are interested in all aspects of the sport.

Race Reports & Results
We also strive to give you the most complete race results and reports available for cross-country skiing. We cover events from your local clubs races to the Olympics. We try to cover as many as we can, but with so man races we can't be everywhere at once. So we encourage you to share race reports and results from the races you attend.

A Place for You to be Heard
We will try to be a place where you, the racer, can have a voice. If your favorite race deserves more publicity or if you just got home from an amazing backcountry tour, tell us about it! Conversely, if the grooming at a certain ski area was sub-par, or the shuttle bus that was supposed to take you to the start of an important race didn't show up – we want you be heard! Send us your thoughts on anything ski-related. We want the people who are directing the ski movement in this country to hear the voices of skiers out there like you.

An International Site for Everyone
We are based out of Western Massachusetts. However, we are not trying to make this an “Eastern USA Site,” but rather a place where XC skiers of all ages from around the World are welcome to read our stuff, seek inspiration, or present and discuss their viewpoints. And you can help us achieve this balance. We want to hear your stories: how you are training, how you view your lifestyle, what you are getting out of doing this sport. Whether you live in America, Australia, Europe, Asia, or some other place, share your story with us!


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