Continental CupCook/Simons and Camenisch/Naryshkina Win Madison SuperTour Team Sprints

FasterSkierJanuary 14, 2006

Under the city lights on capitol square in downtown Madison Wisconsin, the SuperTour team sprint competitors put on quite a display of fast skiing for the hundreds and hundreds of spectators that lined parts of the course 4 deep. Good music and some exciting, spot-on commentary was amplified through speakers all the way down the two most crowded streets near the start / finish corner.

Brayton Osgood celebrating after an amazing final lap. Third place Exel/Canada team just behind.

Ice Sculptures

Snowboarders and skiers were still lining up to take turns pulling some tricks on the rails

All in all it was a very exciting evening of competition and the large spectator crowds contributed a lot to the festive, fun-filled atmosphere. Tomorrow the Capitol Square Sprints continue with individual classic sprints for juniors, high school racers, and those choosing to compete in the top-level SuperTour races.

Team FSX vs. Rossi

The Capitol made an impressive backdrop for the winners' podium and the entire event.

An odd sight in the city…

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