Hjelmeset Won Norwegian 15-K Classic Championship

FasterSkierJanuary 20, 2006

Odd-Bjorn Hjelmeset won the Norwegian 15-k classic championship on Thursday. He most likely secured an Olympic team spot as well.

Source: Langrenn.com

It’s expected that Hjelmeset’s impressive first leg World Cup relay last weekend and this victory will put him on the Norwegian Olympic team.

Jens Arne Svartedal was second, 11 seconds behind. Frode Estil was third and Anders Aukland was fourth, 37 seconds behind. This opens the door for Auklands’s Olympic participation as well following a solid 10th place in the Otepaa 15-k classic World Cup race on January 7.

Complete results at http://www.langrenn.com/cparticle298394-41901.html


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