Marcialonga 70-Kilometer Classic Is This Weekend

FasterSkierJanuary 28, 2006

One of Central Europe’s most popular marathons, the Marcialonga is this Sunday. 4700 racers, live television feed to a number of countries and 10,000 spectators makes this a great race.

Marcialonga’s web site

Last year’s race: Paluselli and Rezac Won The Marcialonga

From the race organizers:
Marcialonga is always surprising. The valleys of Fassa and Fiemme are already “flooded” by thousands of cross-country skiers that represent just a part of the 4,700 competitors who will take part in the race next Sunday (29 January).

Half of them are foreigners, who particularly love the classic style and are attracted by the peculiar charm that only Marcialonga has. Competitors are surrounded by the public, they pass in front of the houses and are supported by enthusiastic fans. The warmth of people has no comparison, and cannot be forgotten by those who take part in the race, neither by great champions. This is what Gabriella Paruzzi, who won the Marcialonga in 2004 when it was included in the World Cup, always says.

This year the winner is hard to predict. There are Stanislav Rezac, who won last year, Joergen Aukland who dominated in 2003, Raul Olle, a specialist of classic style, Oskar Svaerd, who won the Vasaloppet, and Italian Marco Cattaneo who recently won the Jizerská Padesátka.

Yesterday the coach of the German team, Jochen Behle, announced that Axel Teichmann and Andreas Schluetter could take part in the race. The confirmation is expected by Friday.

Among women, Cristina Paluselli, who leads the FIS Marathon Cup and won the Marcialonga in 2005, will find great rivals. First of all, Sofia Lind (SWE) and Ine Wigernaes, from Norway, who confirmed her presence yesterday and was eighth in Holmenkollen. Lara Peyrot, who won the race in 2003, is training for Marcialonga too.

The canoeing Olympic champion, Antonio Rossi, will also participate, after the positive experience of 2005.

The 70-km course is perfectly covered by snow, as well as that of Marcialonga Light of 45 km. The start is at 8.15 a.m. and more than 10,000 spectators will be at the arrival, at about 11.15 a.m.


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