Hakkinen Has Best US Olympic Biathlon Finish Ever

FasterSkierFebruary 12, 2006

Editor's Note: We at FasterSkier.com don't have the resources or knowledge to cover biathlon on a regular basis, but we thought this deserved a mention. Congratulations, Jay!

A new record in US Biathlon history of results in the Olympics was just made on Saturday—Jay Hakkinen made the top 10 in the men's 20km Individual race.

Hakkinen took 10th in a time of 56:10.9, but the best finish ever by a U.S. athlete could have been much, much better. Each miss results in a one-minute penalty and he missed three of 20 shots, including a split bullet that failed to knock down the target.

If the wind had gusted just a little bit in his favor at that moment, Jay would have medaled the race with a Bronze!


Source: Clarissa Werre


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