Kris Freeman's Makes 2006 Olympic Debut In 15K Classic

FasterSkierFebruary 16, 2006

Kris Freeman skipped the Olympic Pursuit race in order to prepare for the 15K classic. We asked him how he is feeling and how he is preparing for that race.

Is it a struggle to properly prepare for your races with the Olympic 'circus' going on, or are you isolated from that?

I always isolate myself as best as possbile at big events. Unfortunatley due to limited budget we had to live in the olympic village this year which is ten kilometers away from the cross country venue. That is not a far distance, but due to the pathetic traffic control and security here, that ride can sometimes take an hour or more. The olympic village is also crowded: Carl, Andrew, Justin, and myself share a room that is not much bigger than a normal US hotel room. This makes staying healthy and rested a challenge.

Are you healthy? Rested?
I woke up the day after the Davos race very tired with some phlem in the back of my throat. I was tired all last week which is why I bagged the pursuit race. My energy and heartrates went back to normal on Monday and I had a great interval workout yesterday. My confidence is back and I am looking forward to the 15k.

Any highlights from your Olympic experience so far?
Most of the highlights consist of laughing at sarcastic comments that my teammates make about how
disorganized and unprepared the Italians are for this event. Watching Ted Ligety win the gold last night was sweet though.

Thanks and good luck, Kris!


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