Lars Flora: Inspired For Vancouver

FasterSkierFebruary 28, 2006

Lars Flora had a tough Olympic Games. But that is only fueling his fire for the future. We asked him about it on the last weekend of the games.

Lars you are the current National 50K Champion, so I thought we'd see you in the Olympic 50K. Why didn't you race?

“I have been looking forward to competing in the 50 for two years. It was the race at the Olympics I wanted to perform the best in. Unfortunately I have been struggling with food allergies, digestion issues, and sleep problems thoughout my stay in Europe. Due to the above symptoms my body is not ready for a long race.

“I prepared very well for these Olympics and I felt I was ready for great results. My physical shape was very high this month, but the above symptoms held me back from reaching my goals. My races at the Olympics have been frustrating. If the races were in the US most likely I would have been happy with the performances. At the international level everything has to be perfect in the race. One bad section of the course will result in a poor performance. In the relay I was one uphill away from bringing our team into a good position for the skate legs. In that one uphill I lost one minute to the lead pack.

“[Earlier this week] I watched one of my best friends recieve a medal. As I watched her walk up and recieve her medal, I locked that moment into my mind. The moment that she crushed her demons of the previous two Olympics and enjoyed the greatest moment of her career. I will never forget that moment and for the next four years it will be an inspiration for the Vancouver Games.”


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