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FasterSkierFebruary 14, 2006

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Photos From the Olympic XC races

Randall & Wagner Make Sprint Final
Kikkan Randall of Anchorage, cleared to ski on Monday after her hemoglobin suspension, helped give the U.S. women a surprise performance, advancing out of the semifinal in the women's team sprint race.

Randall and teammate Wendy Wagner placed 10th and last in the final in 18:04.9, about 22 seconds behind ninth-place Kazakhstan.

In the shadow of the gold won by Sweden, the Canadian sprint team Beckie Scott and Sara Renner look back over their race and silver medal result. Renner was overjoyed that years racing with her regular team-mate Beckie Scott paid dividends at the Olympics in Tuesday's sprints.

“I'm extremely happy, I think that this is a very well deserved result,” said Renner.

“Beckie and I have been a team for many years. This is something that we are very pleased we could do it together, very pleased that we could do it at the Olympics.

Canada wins cross-country silver
When Sara Renner's ski pole snapped it was a disaster in the making. It could have ended in heartbreak for Renner and teammate Beckie Scott. It would have been another blow for a wobbling Canadian Olympic team already staggered by missed opportunities. History might record it was a Norwegian ski official, following the sport's unwritten tradition by handing Renner a new pole, that prevented Canada's Turin Games from jumping off the track.

Silver Lining for Canadians on a day of Bad Breaks
Beckie gets to stand on the podium with her real Olympic medal today, along with teammate Sara Renner, but it was a day of bad breaks as a busted pole may have robbed the Canadians of gold and the mens team missed the final despite having a faster qualifying time than the winner of the other semifinal!


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