NPR Weekend Edition Interview With Kris Freeman

FasterSkierFebruary 7, 2006

NPR seems to be doing its part to raise awareness for the US Cross Country Ski Team prior to the Olympics Games. Last weekend, NPR featured a piece on USST's Carl Swenson.

This weekend, Tom Goldman did a segment on Kris Freeman for the program “Weekend Edition.” A number of our readers said that they caught the interview while in their car on their way to or from skiing on Sunday morning.

Most ski fans already know that Freeman is a diabetic. This interview gives the listener an inside look at how Freeman has overcome the disease.

In case you missed it, here is a link…

Skier Manages Diabetes, Olympic Medal Dream
Tom Goldman, NPR

Weekend Edition – Saturday, February 4, 2006 · Kris Freeman has a good chance of becoming the first American to win an Olympic Cross Country skiing medal in 30 years. And the 25-year-old manages to race at the highest levels in a grueling sport despite having Type 1 diabetes.

In September 2000, Freeman took a routine blood test and found out his body was not producing enough insulin… the hormone which helps turn sugar and other foods into energy. Tellingly, it was the athlete in Freeman that emerged in those first shocking moments after learning he was diabetic.

Listen to the whole interview:


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